Disruptors Event

Join us at the Disruptors virtual event as we celebrate women disrupting the status quo and discuss what it takes to be a disruptor in today’s world.

“The term ‘disruptor’ can sometimes be used with a negative connotation but every transformative agent of positive change throughout the course of history has had to disrupt something – the status quo.” – Sophia Ukor, Founder of Violet Simon.

We recently announced the launch of our mag-book series titled Disruptors which features the stories of over 35 women challenging the status quo in pursuit of positive societal change for women, young girls and underrepresented communities.

To commemorate the launch of the series, we have put together a virtual event themed: ‘Mechanics Of Disruption: What It Takes To Be A Disruptor In Today’s Word’. The event will feature a panel discussion, talks and a networking session. 

The panel discussion will feature Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs OBE, Agnes Mwakatuma and Rahel Tesfai as panellists and will be followed by a questions and answers session. The event will also feature a talk by Charlotte Fox Weber on ‘desire, and how we can identify what we want, professionally and personally’. This talk will encourage you to confront your innermost self and see what connects and challenges all human beings. 

Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs OBE

Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs OBE is the founder of SEA – Surviving Economic Abuse. An organisation that supports women who are going through and have gone through economic abuse – an area of domestic abuse that until recently wasn’t given much thought and victims often neglected by organisations and institutions for lack of understanding and awareness. One of the major strides in this pursuit was her impact in making the government recognise economic abuse and the legislation of economic abuse as an offence.

Agnes Mwakatuma

Agnes Mwakatuma Founder of Black Minds Matter UK, a charity on the mission to redefine and reimagine the road to better Black mental health, by making mental health resources both relevant and accessible. Her experiences as a Black woman and witnessing the deterioration in mental health in the Black community were both key drivers in setting up Black Minds Matter UK (BMMUK).

Rahel Tesfai 

Rahel Tesfai is the founder of FroHub, an Afro hair and beauty community that also provides a marketplace booking platform. Their vision is to make Black hair care easy by enabling Black women to book hair and beauty appointments online.

Charlotte Fox Weber

Psychotherapist and author of What We Want.

“We all keep secrets, even from ourselves. We are socialised to pretend we want things we don’t necessarily want and conceal our deep feelings. We fantasize about the lives we wish we had, and feel stuck in the life we are actually living. When we explore our hidden desires and confront the pressures of what we’re supposed to want from life, we can transform our experiences and discover fresh possibilities.”

Supported by Cultural Transformation Consultancy, Working Wonder.



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