Month: October 2022

Black British Women Activists in UK

It is important that we educate ourselves in knowing our history correctly and educating our kids, ourselves and each other.

Black British Women Activists in UK who changed the course of history and you should know about.

Black History Books by Black Female Writers

According to research, only 0.5% of recorded history is about women’s stories. It is therefore important for the advancement of equity and equality in society to amplify history written by women from the perspective of women.

Conversations With Sophia (CWS): Miscarriages

Jessica Heagren, Lauralee Whyte and Sophia Ufy Ukor discuss their lived experiences with miscarriage, the effect on mental health, the fears that accompany future pregnancies after a miscarriage, the impact on partners, what to do to better support women who are dealing and have dealt with miscarriage, the need for more conversations on miscarriages, and how medical professionals, companies and individuals can better support women who have gone through miscarriages.