Black Women Owned Fashion Brands

As the fashion world expands and evolves, it does feel so exciting to see black women at the forefront doing their thing and inspiring both the older and younger generation of women.

Over a decade ago, I was pumped about starting my fashion line. I had big dreams (and still do) of being a global fashion house but there were not many black women in those scenes. I was told it was near impossible as a black woman to have such big dreams. It was very upsetting and discouraging.

We still have a long way to go as far as diversity is concerned but it feels to good to know there are black women in the fashion world being recognised for their efforts and inspiring other women like myself to keep doing the work. When you wear an item made by these women it’s not just about the price tags but about  the journey, the story, the message that these brands and the collections they make impart to you.

If you’re someone who loves to shop for stylish items by black owned fashion brands, here you go!

This is by no way an exhaustive list of all black owned women fashion brands. It’s not even close but it’s a start.


Luxury everyday Lingerie brand.


Women’s Accessories brand.

Washington Ave

New and reworked vintage women’s clothing and accessories.


Handcrafted bags from Ghana.


Women Jewellery brand

Re Ona

Women’s ready-to-wear clothing label.

Sammy B

Women’s clothing brand.

Chelsea Paris

Women’s luxury footwear brand inspired by Nigeria.

Sai Sankoh

Women’s resort wear clothing brand.

Lisa Folawiyo

Luxury ready to wear clothing & accessory brand.

Shop A.Au

Lifestyle Women’s clothing brand.

Sika Designs

Women clothing brand inspired by the Ghanian culture.


Footwear & accessories brand made in Lagos, Nigeria.


Women’s ready to wear clothing brand.

Fe Noel

Women’s lifestyle clothing brand.

Andrea Iyamah

Womenswear clothing brand.

Coco and Breezy

Optical glasses and sunglasses eyewear brand.


Ready to wear clothing brand.


Luxury womenswear clothing brand.


Women’s contemporary shoe brand with a focus on comfort.

Rebecca Tembo

Limited edition womenswear clothing brand.

Something by Sonija

Ready to wear women’s clothing brand.

Satin Rowe

Satin hair bonnets that actually stay on!


Women’s luxury shoe brand.

The Underargument

Premium Lingerie Brand.


Fitness wear brand.

Olyinka Lingerie

Luxury vintage-inspired lingerie brand.

Style Connaisseur

Accessory and Clothing label by Style influencer, Angel Obasi.


Lifestyle clothing brand produced in Senegal.


Ready to wear and made to order womenswear brand.

Ciara Chyanne

Ethically made ready-to-wear brand.


Lifestyle Clothing Brand.

This article has been updated and was originally published on 24th September 2021.

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