Sheila Nortley – Her Journey & The New Renaissance In Film & TV

The reality is that our industry is continuing to expand and evolve. It’s inevitable; just as technology is developing at an exponential rate, how audiences consume content is evolving. The talent driving it has to expand to fuel the machine, to be the machine.

Sheila Nortley

According to Boxed In: Women On Screen and Behind the Scenes on Broadcast and Streaming Television in 2020-21, “… in the 2020-21 television season, women accounted for 30% of creators, 31% of directors and 24% of editors on streaming programs, versus 22% of creators, 19% of directors, and 15% of editors on broadcast network programs.”

While there’s still some way to go in the industry as far as representation, recognition and equality for women, particularly black women and women of colour, in this part of the industry, it was a breath of fresh air to see some women in leading roles behind the scenes of tv shows.

Thus was my excitement when I learnt that the producer of Harlen Coben’s new tv series – stay close – was Sheila Nortley.

Stay Close was released last month; December 31st, 2021 to be precise. And yes, I binged-watched the show into the new year to the point I did not notice the supposedly deafening cacophony of fireworks ushering in the new year. It took my excited little son to drag me off the couch to notice the fireworks. That is how good it was. I’m not just hyping it, it’s that good. I’m also a sucker for excellent production, especially when meticulous attention to detail shows in the production quality. I was impressed with everything I saw.

As we navigate the world post-pandemic, new leaders, new faces are also taking over the industry with the mission to reshape, restructure and move the industry to a more progressive and inclusive direction.

Sheila Nortley is part of the new generation of women shaking up the tv, film industry and paving the way for others.
It was no wonder Stay Close ranked number 1 for Netflix UK and worldwide.

It was a pleasure to interview her on producing Stay Close, its success, her journey, her role as a producer in the industry and the new renaissance in the film and TV industry.

To read the full interview, click below to download the digital copy for free.

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