Disruptors Documentary

The “Disruptors” documentary beautifully showcases the remarkable journeys of women who courageously defy norms and advocate for positive change in their personal lives, professions, and society at large. From challenging societal expectations to breaking barriers in their careers and personal lives, these women inspire audiences with their resilience and determination.

Additionally, the documentary also highlights some of the events since the launch of Disruptors 2 offering a comprehensive view of the ongoing impact of the series.

Addressing a wide range of profound experiences, these women share their journeys through confronting homophobia, enduring brain injuries from domestic violence, advocating for life after prison and improvements in the justice system and society for women, overcoming the stigma associated with being an ex-offender, and surviving a train accident while holding Transport for London accountable for their mistakes.

Beyond their personal adversities, they delve into discussions on politics, mental health, women’s health, and entrepreneurship. Their narratives reveal a powerful commitment to challenging societal norms, questioning the status quo, creating a positive impact and embodying the spirit of a Disruptor.

Disruptors is a series by Violet Simon that amplifies the courageous narratives of women challenging the status quo. Through the magazine-book series, campaigns and now documentary, we aim to amplify and celebrate the voices of women who are reshaping our world and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

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