Motherhood, and Work-Life Balance 

Motherhood and navigating life as a second-time mom while also balancing the demands of a young child, work, and daily responsibilities have led me down a path filled with insights and revelations.

Compared to my first pregnancy experience, my third pregnancy brought with it an unexpected ease. The delivery process was swift and uncomplicated. Emotionally, I find myself in a stronger state than during my first pregnancy, occupying a more favourable space in my life. Yet, the toll of sleepless nights and the constant juggling act between work and personal time can be overwhelming. Without the right support network, these challenges have the potential to break even the strongest of spirits.

As a solo founder, I’ve come face-to-face with heightened pressure. My role encompasses ensuring the ongoing success of Violet Simon – maintaining its relevance, consistency, and overall viability. Amidst this, I’ve come to accept the reality that immediate responses to emails and messages are not always feasible. While I navigate this juncture, I’ve adopted a more discerning approach to commitments and the individuals I choose to surround myself with. Embracing my support system has been pivotal, alongside recognising that not all aspects of my life can be sorted simultaneously.

As a parent, I’ve dismissed the notion of a perfect work-life balance. Such an ideal, I’ve come to believe, often proves elusive, potentially yielding frustration.

— Sophia Ufy Ukor

Having raised one child over the span of four years, I had established a rhythm of sorts. Now, with the addition of a cherished newborn, my sense of self has evolved once again. It’s a phenomenon I’ve pondered – the transformative shift that seems to accompany each birth. A change was palpable with my first child, and similarly, a fresh transformation has graced me with my second, infusing me with a sense of positivity.

As a parent, I’ve dismissed the notion of a perfect work-life balance. Such an ideal, I’ve come to believe, often proves elusive, potentially yielding frustration. Instead, my philosophy revolves around radical acceptance, deliberate prioritisation, quality time spent with loved ones, and adept time management. Recognising that moments of unmet goals will arise, I emphasise the importance of self-care and mental health support to prevent personal depletion.

My responses to emails, messages and work have experienced delays due to the demands of childcare. Frustration occasionally simmers beneath the surface as I navigate the perpetual challenge of managing both roles. My husband and I share lighthearted jests about the near-impossibility of accomplishing work tasks while caring for our children. Yet, these are part of our journey and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Be that as it may, I must admit, the pressure to maintain Violet Simon’s relevance and consistency looms. This sentiment likely resonates with numerous entrepreneurs, especially those, like me, who stand as solo female founders.

In totality, the effort of my team fills me with pride, and I’m appreciative of the work we’re accomplishing. Though I may have appeared quiet, Violet Simon has been anything but inactive. Exciting news and updates are on the horizon, including the impending celebration of our 8th-year anniversary next month. Stay attuned to forthcoming details about our anniversary event.

In the meantime, you can obtain a copy of our magazine-book series, Disruptors Issue 2, here.

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