Disruptors Series 1: Stories From Over 35 Women Around The World Challenging The Status Quo

Women challenging the status quo in pursuit of positive societal impact for themselves, women, young girls, underrepresented communities and other people.

The first series of our mag-book series titled Disruptors is now available.

The term ‘disruptor’ can sometimes be used with negative connotations. But every transformative agent of positive change throughout the course of history has had to disrupt something – the status quo.

This series features over 35 women such as Minna Salami, Dr Nicola Sharpe-Jeff OBE, Agnes Mwakatuma, Misha Haycock, Lucy Rout, Jamie Klingler, Jamelia Donaldson, Mathilda Mallinson, Helena Wadia, Samata Pattinson, Rahel Tesfai, Renee Davis, Chidinma Nnoli, Natasha Eeles, Loyce Witherspoon, Rachael Mole, Mya Pol, Katie Russell, Hailey Hechtman, Mireille Harper, Chanju Mwanza, Chloe Pierre, Desta Haile and a host of other women.

In their personal and professional lives, these women are breaking barriers, fighting harmful stereotypes and constraints, achieving historic milestones and disrupting the status quo to create a better society for other people, women, young girls and underrepresented people.

The series touches on issues related to feminism, mental health, racial discrimination, tackling domestic violence and violence against women, sustainability, disability and wellness, and shares the stories of women who have gone against the grain to make a positive difference in these areas.

They share their experiences, speak on the impact of their work, and discuss solutions, opportunities and resources for women.

Most of the women I have met are disruptors in some way.
They may not all fit the stereotypical profile of high-powered celebrity influencers or public figures, but in their spheres of influence, these mothers, teachers, creatives, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, care workers, doctors, engineers, bus drivers, lawyers, activists, etc., continue to defy subjugative expectations, push the boundaries in leaning on the successes of disruptors past, while paving the way for the next generation of women.

It is my hope that this series serves as a tribute to all the many women around the world who are disrupting the status quo for positive change in their own ways and to inspire many more to do so until such a time when the need to do so no longer arises.

The series is available to order both in digital format and in limited edition print with over 260 pages.


To commemorate the launch of the Disruptors series, we have put together a virtual event themed: ‘Mechanics Of Disruption: What It Takes To Be A Disruptor In Today’s Word’. The event is scheduled for the 6th of July, 2022 at 6pm. It will feature a panel discussion, talks and a networking session.

The panel discussion will feature Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs OBE, Agnes Mwakatuma and Rahel Tesfai who are also featured in the first series.

For more details and to secure your spot, get your ticket here.


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