Expert Hair Stylists Share Five Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy Through Winter

The temperatures have dropped, your wardrobe has changed, and you’ve even switched up your skincare routine. Winter is officially here and it’s time to give your hair-care products a seasonal makeover too.

The colder and drier winter air combined with the artificial heat from hairstyling tools can strip your locks of moisture, resulting in brittle ends, pesky flyaways and a flaky scalp.

Expert hairstylists from Neäl & Wølf have us covered. Here they share the best advice on how to boost your hair’s health, making sure that it keeps on shining, even when the sun’s not.

Here are five tips from Neäl & Wølf to keep your hair looking its best throughout the cold months of winter:

1. Ditch the dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has always been our summer saviour for refreshing locks between washes. However, because it’s designed to absorb oil, particularly from the roots and scalp, it can lead to breakages and dandruff during the colder months. 

If you absolutely can’t make it through autumn and winter without dry shampoo, try using a little less than you usually would, or try using it less frequently. After all, you can always tuck your hair away under a woolly hat if you’re having a bad hair day! 

2. Use a treatment mask

Our hair loves a luxurious replenishing mask just as much as our skin does! Made with nourishing conditioners, hair masks are your secret weapon to smooth, soft and shiny locks throughout even the harshest winters. Gently massage through your locks for three to five minutes to give your hair some TLC.

For extra nourishment, leave it in your hair for longer to soak up the moisture. The result? Hair that looks and feels rejuvenated and full of life. 

3. Take a break from heat styling

Our beloved hairdryers can be one of the main culprits in creating or worsening dry winter hair. But don’t take that as a license to walk outside with your hair still wet – cold temperatures can make your hair shaft expand, leading to more breakages. 

Try air drying your hair as much as possible before blow-drying on a low heat with a heat protection spray and, where possible, keep heat styling to a minimum. You could even embrace your all natural locks for a change. Trust us, your hair will thank you.

4. Oil up

Adding a nourishing hair oil to your routine will help replenish your mane with moisture. There are a range of varieties available, containing natural oils such as avocado, argan and jojoba to help transform rough, unruly hair into shiny, healthy-looking locks.

5. Keep it trim

It’s easy to push off that haircut, but heading to your favourite salon for regular trims will remove damaged hair, combat split ends, and help your locks radiate shine throughout the colder months of the year. Freshly cut ends also help detangle hair, making it much more manageable for you to maintain at home.

Finally, after a difficult couple of years for salons, there’s no better way to show love to your favourite hairdressers than continuing to support them through the winter.

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