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This episode is about sustainable fashion, sustainability and entrepreneurship as a woman. 

 “The purpose of the business is much more important than who I am or what my accent is or where I come from.” 

Karishma Gupta is the founder of Sataland, a circular fashion brand which takes a holistic approach to fashion. She talks to Sophia Ufy Ukor about her journey working with apparel and textile manufacturers in the East and retail in the West. During these experiences, she witnessed the environmental impact of the fashion industry. She shares with Sophia how that ignited her passion for sustainability and what are the possible solutions to making fashion and society more sustainable.

Karishma and Sophia also discuss the challenges that female entrepreneurs often have to face. 

“When we go raising funds, when we talk with investors, they look at us as a potential risk. They assume we are going to lose money. That’s how female founders are looked at and that upsets me.”1

“It is not just about me, it is about my nieces, my nephews, my future generations that are going to grow up and I don’t want them to leave that same life I have lived. Every person on this planet deserves good air quality, good water and a beautiful environment and that is what drives me.”

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