Women Photographers To Know

Photography is one of the most important aspects of history. One of the ways we are able to reflect on history is through photography. Moments in history, childhood memories, culture, places, things, life activities, fashion, art etc are captured and preserved sometimes with photography.

When looking at a picture, it’s easy to forget or not realise there’s a person behind the lens, someone who captured that moment we are staring at.

Historically, men have been the ones who dominated the photography/art industry and women were more often than not, the muse. This isn’t the case anymore and it is great to see women capture meaningful moments for various causes, purposes or even just as a hobby.

All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.

Susan Sontag

Here are some women documentary photographers who are using their work to impact and make a difference.

Greta Rico

Documentary photographer focused on issues of gender and human rights.

Fatemeh Khajehnouri

Documentary photographer focused on representation of social issues in Iran especially related to women.

Cansu Yıldıran

Photographer focused on discrimination against class, culture, gender and sexual identity.

Tshepiso Mabula ka Ndongeni

Writer, documentary and art photographer focusing on history and social issues.

Fatima Shbair

Palestinian photojournalist focused on documenting stories, cultures and social issues.

Emli Bendixen

Photographer who mainly shoots people, food, nature and interested in projects that support rights of LGBTQ+ and POC.

Cristina Baussan

Documentary photographer and writer focusing on social issues related to identity, youth culture, migration, and the relationships we forge with our closest environments.

Onyinye Muobuike

Vanessa Charlot

Documentary photographer whose work focuses on the intersectionality of race, spirituality, economics and sexual/gender expression.

Love Soulèy


Photographer whose work is ‘centered around storytelling, healing, and identity—all of which comes together to celebrate and amplify black voices.’ 

Solana Cain

Isadora Kosofsky

Annice Lyn

Documentary & sports photographer who visually documents stories on women, social and cultural issues.

Kreshonna Keane

Portrait photographer who uses her work to portray ‘juxtapositions between her subjects and the environment; meanwhile, addressing social stigmas, highlighting culture and celebrating life.’

Khadija Farah

Travel and documentary photographer focusing on issues from climate change to women. She is passionate about ‘stories which provide a ‘light bulb moment’ or challenge public discourse on a subject’.

Holly-Marie Cato

Irina Unruh

 Documentary photographer who focuses mainly on the situation of women and young girls in her birth country Kyrgyzstan.

Taylor Brumfield

A photographer who specializes in commercial beauty and product photography.


Her work ‘explores the themes of diaspora history, music and culture with a focus on the black experience and emphasis on depicting black and brown people in odes of joy ad happiness.’

Kavozia Glynn

Visual artist with interest in creative storytelling and fine art photography.

Etinosa Osayimwen

Documentary photographer and visual artist whose primary focus is on exploring and expressing themes related to the human condition and social injustice. 

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