Black Women Photographers

Photography has evolved over time. Likewise, diversity in this field of work has evolved… In some way.

We’ve grown from recognizing that women can be the center of attraction for a photography project as well as the brain behind a photography project.

We’ve also come to see how photography unfolds stories, mysteries and beauty. There are many phases and faces to this beautiful art we hold so dearly.

As much as women are being recognized more for their salient roles in this industry. I dare say that black women are still often treated as a minority.

Thank goodness for the evolution of various movements and for the women who have fought hard to overcome societal stereotypes and pave the way for others. Yet, there’s still a lot more work to be done.

Organisations like ‘black women photographers’ were created to feed and elevate the works of black women photographers.

Photography is a job to many, a means of survival to some, a passion to others.

So if you’re looking for photographers for your next project, are a budding photographer, an established photographers, a lover and supporter of art or just simply perusing the web for some inspiration or education on photography, below are some black women photographers to know and support.

Kreshonna Keane

Khadija M Farah

Dola Posh

Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström

Dana Cole 


Lebo Thoka

Kai Byrd

Karis Beaumont

Tawny Chatmon

Kai Tsehay 

Ayesha Kazim

Yagazie Emezi

Sarah Fleming

Kaci Merriwether-Hawkins


Maria J Hackett

Mercy Haruna

Ike Odunjo

Tisha Gale

Gabrielle Darko



Krystal Neuvill

Rukie Jumah


April Alexander 


Chelc Stowers


Maeva Komenan

Taylor Brumfield


Elle Michelle

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