Black Maternal Health: Conversations With Sophia

Sophia Ufy Ukor talks to Tinuke Awe & Clotilde Abe, the founders of Five x More, an organisation committed to highlighting and changing black women and birthing people’s maternal health outcomes in the UK.

Tinuke and Clo share their experiences with Black maternal health, why they created Five X More and how it can help women of colour. They discuss how Black women are more likely to die from their pregnancy, how they often feel ignored and dismissed by doctors and the impact it has.

Tinuke initially had the idea to join forces with Clo after her own personal experience and through speaking to many Black mums through her social platform Mums and Tea.

Clo has a passion for Black and South Asian women’s well-being during pregnancy and a year after birth, so when Tinuke asked her to join forces together in creating a campaign to build awareness, she couldn’t say no.

“Black women in the UK are four times more likely to die during childbirth – pregnancy, childbirth and six weeks after. It is important that we count the six weeks after because the deaths happen six weeks after birth.” – Clotilde Abe.

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