Stimulating Toys For Under 2 Years Old Babies

As a parent, one of the things on your mind from the time your baby is born is how to stimulate them, how to help them learn and grow, what things to get them, what to do, where to go etc that will facilitate their growth and development.

Stimulation is important for babies as they grow and develop.




  • Helps with imagination, in developing motor skills, shape recognition and different senses.
  • Helps with brain development by encouraging baby to use parts of their brain from an early age.
  • The ability to read, create ideas, think, solve problems, remember, and so on form part of the cognitive skills which sensory/stimulating toys help to develop in babies.
  • Language development, comforting baby and more.

As a parent, especially a first time parent, hearing all about stimulating toys and activities could be overwhelming but not to worry, we have got you covered.

Below are some stimulating toy activities for babies under two years old. They lay a good foundation for babies development and most of these toys can be used by 3-to-4 years old too.



Magic Ball















Alphabet Tray














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