Girls’ Rights: Conversations With Sophia

This episode is about Girls’ rights.

The world is full of wonderful organisations and experts, yet equality still needs to be reached.

Katy Massey who has been working in the charity sector for 14 years, talks to Sophia about what ignited her passion for defending girls’ rights and how it has influenced her personal life. 

She explains the impact of the pandemic on girls’ rights, the struggle organisations are dealing with to find sustainable funding, and how disheartening it can feel for people working in the charity sector. 

Katy and Sophia talk about the limits of representation and the importance of looking at the system underneath the people at the top to see if it encourages and supports women and girls to make their way up.   

Katy Massey is a multi-award-winning professional in the gender, education and human rights sectors. Her career has spanned many roles; teacher, leader, mentor, trauma practitioner, nanny, doula, activist and consultant. All of them centre on one core mission: to make the world a better place for children, girls and women.

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